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Social media is a channel which allows direct access to your current as well as future clients. Skilful communication based on dialogue allows you to better understand consumer needs and market trends, and thus to adapt your product or service to their requirements and expectations.
  • developing a company's presence strategy in social media we choose social media tailored to your target group. We create an action plan in social media, determine the message content and schedule
  • running official company profiles on social networks (i.a. Facebook, LinkedIn) and microblog sites (i.a. twitter)
  • we run your official profile according to a pre-defined action plan and schedule on pre-selected social networks
  • engaging the community around Your company; arousing their interest We regularly update your company profile in social media. We add entries that engage your target group and build a dialogue between you company and its consumers
  • initiating and running discussions on thematic forums, recommendation sites; active communication with users, exchange of opinions
  • we initiate, run and moderate discussions on discussion forums. We arouse interest in your products or services and stimulate the exchange of opinions
  • expert activity on industry forums addressed to target groups we build a professional image of your company on industry forums. We provide professional advice on your behalf and on the basis of consultations, and express competent opinions


    90 percent of Internet users in Poland browse content via social media platforms.

    * test results from the IRCenter report (January-December 2016)

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