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How to reach a wide range of clients and customers? How to promote a new brand or give publicity to an existing one? How to improve the sale of products or services? The answer is: public relations. PR is an effective way to promote your company.
    • developing a strategy and schedule of communication activities we create a PR action plan in the press and a schedule, which are tailored to your target group
    • building a press, Internet, radio and television database tailored to a given industry and the client's needs
we carefully select message content and media tailored to your industry
  • preparation of press releases (product, corporate) and press articles we create press releases, guide articles that are aimed at relevant media distribution of press releases to selected media (including answers to media inquiries) press releases are delivered to carefully selected media
  • editing guidebooks, specialist articles and many more we produce additional articles at Your request or in response to inquiries from journalists
  • running a press office representation of you company as a spokesperson
  • monitoring of publications and reporting in the press, radio or television We monitor messages sent to the press, Internet, radio and TV and provide it to you in the form of a report


    Public relations is your relationship with the environment.

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