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The organization's strategy is determined both by the environment and internal factors.   Is your strategy is a chaotic whirlwind of ideas? We will help you organize and link them in such a way that everything is perfectly intertwined.  Thanks to our help, you will get a clearly defined development direction and an idea how to communicate it to your environment in the most effective manner.
  • the company's presence in the media audit We will check, among other things, if your company is visible in the media. In which media the publications about your company, products or services appear. What is their context and frequency? We will identify periodicals and web portals tailored to your businesses profile that will reach the target group
  • analysis of the company's image we will produce a report on the perception of your company on the Internet. We will identify popular sites of online discussion for your brand. We will point out any errors. A consciously created e-image is currently one of the most important sources of competitive advantage that can be obtained on the market. Managing the image on the Internet through e-PR and social media activities is now a must.  Lack of concern for a positive reputation in the online world may lead to the destruction of the image, even an image that has been built for years and outside the Internet.
  • image and communication consulting we provide advice on communication and image creation of people and companies, also in the online environment
  • developing a strategy and schedule of communication activities we create a PR action plan for your company. We select the target group which we want to reach and build a database of traditional and Internet media tailored to the activities of your company, target group and content of press releases
  • developing a media plan (a schedule of advertising presence in the media)
  • training in communication, marketing, public relations and public speaking


    The organization's strategy is determined both by the environment and internal factors.

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